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Media Media Inc.
This is my main company which is the umbrella for all of the other business that I own or manage. Media Media Inc. is primarily a Business Development Company that holds a number of free and paid webinars about business development, Web Marketing and SEO. (e-mail every 2-3 weeks)

Nationwide Barcode is recognized as being one of the premier resellers of UPC barcodes in the United States and Canada. Our newsletter include discounts, information about barcode implementation and a variety of other information. (email every 2-3 weeks)

Indie Artists Alliance
Indie Artists Alliance is a resource center and knowledge bank for independent musicians. (Music news weekly)
Our site that both sells UPC barcodes and is a directory listing service. (email 1x per month)

Everything about QR Codes - this is a dynamic QR Code site that allows you to both create and change QR codes...even after you have them on your business cards or brochures. (email 1x month)

American Business First
Our directory of companies that produce goods in the USA. (email 1x month)

4 Minute Mentor
Our 4-minute Series of Business Development videos. (email 1x month)

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